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Our Business has been providing computer-based faxing services given that 1996. A fax-on-demand service, the business went on to use fax broadcasting, and in 1999 introduced a Web faxing system with send out and get the ability. Our Business serves 10s of countless users, who send out and get over 60 million pages a year.As a little operation committed to nothing but messaging, Our Business can provide exceptional personal service. Expert and knowledgeable personnel react to demands practically instantly, making users seem like they're interacting with their internal "fax department".

For clients wanting to incorporate faxing into software application applications, such as order processing, travel management, and workflow systems, Our Business provides a variety of basic and well-documented API's. A totally free designer program permits developers to evaluate their applications on a functional system, without any dedication. Our Business offers complimentary assistance and helps the internal designers who construct and keep the system.

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